This site is a collection of art, photography, and intuitions.

It’s purpose is to provide information on art for sale, my approach to commissions, and a small gallery of prior  work.

I am very interested in commissions that actively involve creating a work of art with my customer, so the product is a meaningful piece of art, unique to you and to your story.

The process to create a commissioned painting can be based primarily on my interpretation of the chosen subject, or be highly collaborative for more individualized works. It could include family artifacts that you wish to be part of the scene, or simply be a favorite land or seascape, with hints of your time and presence there. It might be a backcountry view, with no other trace of you. Perhaps portraits of your people doing things they love, in places they love. Bring an old home alive  in vibrant colors, from an old photo.  Or place yourself back in a historical time period you have felt akin to. The animals in our lives also tell their story through their behavior, a moment of which can be captured in a portrait. Since each animal has a unique relationship with their humans, you can inform the process so the portrait captures more of your pet’s personality.

Ideally such a painting will reflect a moment that awakens your memories and your senses – hearing the laughter of your children, or the oars against the water as they bring the boat to shore. It might be playful growls and the howl of the dogs. Or sharp points of cat claws gripping the blanket in a satisfied purr. Maybe even the cool air and wet fur when your pup finally chases the  stick.

To me, it is a successful piece when you can look at it and again feel the joy you felt in that place, or shared with that being. This is one of the best aspects of art – it transcends time and place, and the possibilities are endless.

Please enjoy your time browsing. Perhaps you will find something that inspires your vision for a work of art to emerge from your life.

Thank you for visiting,


PS There are also pages with therapeutic and educational art studio experiences that may be of interest to you as a parent or other educator/support person. There is more to come!

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